Amazon Carding: Do You Really Need The Carded Products?


If you are on Telegram, you might have heard of Amazon carding. This is because so many Telegram groups are offering carded products from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm mall, eBay, etc.

Well, are you planning to buy something from them?

Wait. Let’s talk about it before moving further.

Amazon carding

What Is Amazon Carding?

Amazon Carding is a kind of hacking, illegal stuff. Carders will use stolen credit cards for making the purchase. These Credit Cards can be purchased from Darkweb stores.

unicc cc shop

And they will buy those cards for $8 to $27.

While ordering products from Amazon, they will use this card number, expiry date, and CVV. If the card is Non-VBV (Non-Verified By Visa), the order will get placed without any OTP confirmation. And the seller will process the request ship it to the customer.

Simple as that!

Are They Legal?

Absolutely no!

These carders will be using tools like RDP, VPN, Socks5 for protecting their privacy. In a quick look, they would be anonymous. But, since they are shipping the products to your address, there’s a high chance for you to get caught.

The carder would be anonymous.

If you don’t believe me, ask any carders for their contact information or WhatsApp number. In most cases, they won’t give any personal pieces of information.

Why Do You Need to Avoid Them?

Let’s talk about the carders which are available in Telegram.

Most carders got created two and more Telegram accounts. This is because they are using temporary phone numbers for account creation. By using those numbers, account creation is easy.

Then, they will create a Telegram channel for promotion.

By advertising on other popular channels, they can quickly gain new members.

iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost you 1.23Lakhs on the Amazon India website.

iphone 11 pro max price

These carders can offer you the same for 5000 or whatsoever. Probably, some folks will trust this and wish to order the product.

They will contact the carder, and the deal would be like – 50% payment advance, 50% after ordering.

The payment method would be any Indian UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, or Paytm. They will give you a UPI ID, and you need to transfer the funds to that account and show them the screenshot.

Once they verify the payment, they will order the product using generated credit cards. Yes! A method is available on Amazon, which we can order products. The order will get placed but won’t get shipped or delivered.

Using that method, the fake carder will order the product. Then, he will show you those order screenshots and tracking links.

While you check the tracking link, it will look something like this:

oneplus 7t pro tracking link

And probably, you will send him the remaining payment, complete the deal.

Within a few hours, the seller will start processing the orders. The seller will mark your order as pending since they haven’t received any payment from the card. The account holder got 24 hours for revising the amount.

The tracking will be working fine all the time.

And the next day, the order will get canceled.

If you contact the carder for a refund or reordering, he will probably block the account. So, you have lost all the hard-earned money you gained.

And since you transferred the total amount through UPI, there’s no way to get it back. If you contact the bank, they will also tell you the same. Once the payment is deposited in the recipient’s account, he can only issue a refund.

And these fake carders won’t send you your money back.

Do You Want an iPhone?

Of course, no.

You don’t need an iPhone now. Instead of sending money to some fake carders, get a savings account, deposit the money, purchase the phone from the official website.

That’s better.

I also don’t have an iPhone. I am currently using the Realme 5 phone.

For my use, this is good enough.

Is There a Way To Do Amazon Carding?


There are so many professional carders are available on the dark web. But, finding the right one is a bit hard. In the Dark web, no PhonePe, Google Pay payments are accepted.

Most of them are taking BTC payments.


If you want to purchase something from online shops like Flipkart, Amazon, or any other, go to the official store, add the product to your cart, checkout. You could use your UPI/ Credit/ Debit Card for making the purchase. Plus, some products will offer COD as the payment method.

That’s legal and works fine.

If you are not happy with the product or got some issues, raise a replacement or refund. Your product will get replaced within a few days, or the amount gets refunded.

No headache.

Happy shopping.


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