Welcome To My Personal Blog… It’s Me Again!


Hello there!

It’s me Sreehari P Raju, a professional blogger and affiliate marketer from Kerala, India. So a lot of users got asked how I started my blog, earning money online and everything. For helping them personally, I have got started this blog.

This is my personal blog!

And here, I will show you every tool that helped me personally to achieve goals, services that are worth to try. In a nutshell, everything about SEO, blogging, digital marketing, etc…

You are at the right place!

Welcome To My Personal Blog!

welcome to my blog

No subscriptions, no memberships, nothing.

Every piece of content that I publish here is absolutely free for everyone. No restrictions!

How I Started Blogging?

I’ve started my first blog in 2016, during college. It was a magazine blog. I got started it as a side project wasn’t successful.

You know when I am new to this blogging and WordPress stuff, I couldn’t perform well on the blog. I learned blogging, WordPress, SEO from there.

And after a few months, after learning basics, I have started a tech blog. Learned keyword research, on page SEO, building backlinks and ranked contents on search engines.

I have received a good amount of traffic from search engines, social media. But I haven’t converted the website visitors properly. But I fixed it…

Will share how I fixed it in my future blog post.

At that time, I have made an affiliate sale for a merchant and got money in my PayPal account. Realized that blogging can be a good way to make money online!

So, I have started spending more time on my blog, updated old thin contents with well-written articles, adding more useful guides, posts, news, etc…

In the meantime, I have also tried the display ad which is managed by Google – Google AdSense. Google AdSense affected my website speed but made money from it. Converted the non-affiliate sales using Google AdSense.

And now, I own several blogs on various niches!

How Much Money Do I Make?

Normally, I wouldn’t share my income reports with anyone.

But the thing is, I am getting a handsome amount from blogging and affiliate marketing! I’d love what I am doing!

What Are My Monetization Methods?

My primary monetization method is affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate programs are available which pays a good amount of money for their affiliates.

For example, let’s take the WP Engine.

wp engine managed hosting

WP Engine is one of the best, powerful managed WordPress hosting for professional bloggers and enterprise level clients. They do have an affiliate program which is hosted on ShareASale.

When you join the WP Engine affiliate program and refer any client to their hosting environment, you will get a whopping $200 in your wallet!

Just for a single sale, $200!

Impressive, isn’t it?

So if you refer 5 clients for WP Engine, that’s $1000!

ShareASale will take care of the affiliate link tracking, payments. On every month, they will release the affiliate payment. You could get it right in your bank account, as a postal check or in your Payoneer account.

In my case, I have configured the payments to my local bank account. There will be no feeses for this process and the payment will normally reflect in the account balance within 5 business days.

But… How To Generate These Much Sales?

Mainly, there are two methods are available.

  • Blogging.
  • YouTube Channel.

In my case, blogging is my favorite way. But there are some expenses like domain name, web hosting account, etc. But if you work properly, you could make more money than you spend from blogging.

Example – Me!

Starting a YouTube channel is pretty simple. You don’t need to spend a single penny online for starting the channel. There are so many YouTubers are making good money from their channel through Google AdSense and affiliate links.

Also, I’d like to point out that blogging is not as simple as you think. There are so many folks are already ranked posts and articles on the search engines. So, you need to write better content than your competitor for ranking higher in search engines.

When you rank your contents higher on search engines, you will get a lot of website visitors. You could convert them to pocket money, affiliate sales, email newsletter subscribers, etc…

Optimizing your blog posts for SEO will bring your posts on top. So are you ready to make money online and live a boss-free life? Well, keep reading my posts. I’ll share everything that I have learned in my blogging journey!


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