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Are you worried about your website’s loading time? As you know, WordPress powers 34% of websites all around the world. So, it is a widely used CMS.

In most cases, for speeding up a WordPress blog, the folks will consider using a lightweight theme like GeneratePress or Genesis Framework, a CDN provider, a performance plugin like perfmatters, and also a caching plugin.

When we talk about WordPress caching plugins, there are so many out there. But for our readers, we will recommend you the best ones in the industry. And in this post, we are going to show you one caching plugin, which is best for bloggers –  WP Rocket.

In this post, we are going to share the complete WP Rocket review for you. If you are planning to buy WP Rocket, this post will show you all the available WP Rocket features!

So, let’s get started.

WP Rocket Review

wp rocket review

If you check the WordPress plugin repository, you could see so many performance optimization plugins. However, they are free to use, and more than a million WordPress blogs have used them.

In this case, WP Rocket is our favorite WordPress caching plugin. Thousands of websites use the plugin, and we are always a happy customer.

Is WP Rocket Free?

The plugin is not a free version at this time. You need to purchase a premium plan from their official store for using it on your blog. Also, they are not planning to release a free version shortly.

However, why’d you needed to do that?

Why WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin? What are the features offered by WP Rocket? How do we compare it against other popular WordPress caching plugins?

I know you may have a lot of doubts. However, this WP Rocket review will help you to clear all your doubts.

Speed Testes

We have configured a WordPress installation with the WP Rocket plugin. Tested the speed test using GTmetrix, Pingdom tools, and the sites were got loaded in under 700 ms!

If you are working with WordPress for a while now, you know that the speed is pretty impressive!

WP Rocket Features

Wondering what the dominant features offered by WP Rocket are? Some of them are below.

Quick Setup

According to other popular WordPress caching plugins, WP Rocket offers easy and beginner-friendly configuration. The setup wizard is elegant and comes with easy navigation.

dashboard of wp rocket

From the left side, choose the settings. The options will be available on the right side then. COnfigure it and save the changes. You are good to go.

Page Caching

Under the plugin’s settings, you can see the basic cache settings.

wp rocket cache settings

Enable it. Also, you can enable caching for logged in users and specify a cache lifespan. The average lifespan is 10 hours. So, after 10 hours, the cache will get cleared automatically.

Cache Preloading

When you publish or update your existing content, you can preload the cache.

wp rocket sitemap preloading

This can be done according to your sitemap. So, WP Rocket will get the new contents right from the sitemaps, preload it automatically. This can also be done from the WordPress admin – manually.

GZIP Compression

GZIP Compression is used for optimizing your WordPress website for speed. This can be done through editing your htaccess file or by a dedicated plugin.

When you use the WP Rocket plugin, you don’t need to edit any files or use additional plugins. This compression will be enabled automatically.

Database Optimization

Typically folks will use the WP-Optimize plugin for database optimization. It’s an excellent plugin for cleaning the WordPress database. However, WP Rocket already got this feature.

wp rocket database optimization

From there, you can clean:

  • Post Revisions.
  • Auto Drafts.
  • Trashed Posts.
  • Spam Comments.
  • Trashed Comments.
  • Expired Transients.
  • All Transients.
  • Database Tables.


For keeping your database optimized all time, you can schedule the cleanup. In all our blogs, we are using this function with the daily automatic cleanup.


When you add too many images to a blog post, it will take some more time to load the page – in the front end. Well, there’s a feature available called Lazyload, which will make image serving optimized. There are so many Lazyload plugins are available.

In our blogs, we are using a free WordPress plugin called BJ Lazy Load. It’s an awesome plugin used by thousands of WordPress blogs.

However, when you don’t need to use additional Lazyload plugins, you could use the inbuilt feature offered by the WP Rocket.

Under the media settings, you can see the settings.

wp rocket image lazyloading

Under the media settings, you will also get

  • Emoji Optimization.
  • Disable WordPress Embedded Option.

wp rocket media settings

These are fantastic ways to optimizing your media serving.


Minifying static files will help you to improve the speed. Using the plugin, you can minify HTML,

minity html delivery

CSS files

minity css files

and also JS files.

minify JS files

Some settings will indeed break your WordPress website’s styling. So, once you got changed any settings, you need to check the site from the front end.

CDN Integration

For making the website faster, we always recommend using a CDN. If you check this blog, you can see that we are using the Cloudflare CDN for optimization.

Well, there are so many other CDNs are available, and you can easily integrate them with the WP Rocket settings.

cdn settings wp rocket

Enable the CDN, enter CNAMEs, save the changes. Also, you will get an option to exclude files from the CDN.

wp rocket cdn exclusions

DNS Prefetching

The DNS prefetching is an essential feature when you will get more external resources for calling.

dns prefetching

This will make the external file serving faster than usual. You just need to enter the domain name there, save the changes.

Import/ Export

Let’s say that you already have a website that is powered by WP Rocket. The current plugin configuration results in impressive page loads and best performance. If you want the same settings on your other WordPress blogs, simply export the settings, import it to the other website.

In the plugins’ tools page, you could see the settings.

wp rocket tools configuration

You will get the same settings in your second WordPress installation. No changes.

WP Rocket vs. Other Caching Plugins

In the test, WP Rocket got scored better than other popular caching plugins. A comparison article with the features offered and features available is below.

wp rocket vs other caching plugins

So, choosing WP Rocket as a caching plugin is an excellent choice.

WP Rocket Pricing

They have three premium pricing options.

wp rocket plans and pricing

  • Single – $49 a year – Single Website License.
  • Plus – $99 a year – Three Websites License.
  • Infinite – $249 a year – Unlimited Websites License.

You can choose a plan according to your website usage.

Well, we also have got a great deal for you.


WP Rocket got an impressive documentation section.

wp rocket docs

They have categorized it like:

  • Getting Started.
  • Add-ons.
  • FAQ.
  • Tutorials.
  • Tips.
  • LazyLoad.
  • Minification.
  • CDN.
  • SSL.

Etc. Also, they have a docs section for troubleshooting the plugin

wp rocket troubleshooting docs

and for the codex.

wp rocket codex docs

You can find hundreds of articles there. If you still need help, help is right there! Log in to your WP Rocket account and raise a support ticket. One of their support staff will get back to you and assist you personally.


You can fix issues by visiting their documentation section. When you have a pre-sale or technical problem, you could contact the support team by raising a support ticket.

wp rocket support

They are good with support requests. The team will get back to you within 24 hours. Also, note that they are not active on Sundays.

Is WP Rocket Worth It?


Once you got purchased the plugin and configured it in your blog, you will love it. I am pretty sure that the proper configuration will take your blog’s speed to the next level.


Using a caching plugin along your speed optimization tricks are highly recommended. When we tried the most famous WordPress caching plugins, we found that the WP Rocket is the best one for professional and takes the performance to the next level.

From this WP Rocket review, you could see that.

So, you must try this plugin. If you are not happy with the purchase, you could get your money back. Just contact the team by raising a support ticket and raise a refund request.


Get Started With WP Rocket

You can see the premium version plugin’s updated pricing and plans page from here.

Get Started With WP Rocket

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WP Rocket Caching Plugin Review
wp rocket coupon

Product Name: WP Rocket

Product Description: WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin. There are thousands of bloggers are already using this plugin to powerup their blogs.

Price: 49

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Ready to optimize your WordPress blog for speed? Our #1 recommendation is using the WP Rocket WordPress plugin. In this post, we are going to show you the complete WP Rocket review for you!


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